At Christmas, many of us buy more food than is actually needed.

Here are some average serving sizes to help you plan the amounts. The amounts of food and pastries needed depends on how many dishes you serve at a time. The more dishes there are, the smaller the amount needed for one dish.

  • Mulled wine – 200–300 ml per person
  • Cheese assortment – for example, 3 different varieties of cheese, a total of 150–200 g per person
  • Christmas rice pudding – 150–200 ml per person One litre of rice pudding serves about five
  • Beetroot salad or other salads, e.g. cheese salad – 100–200 ml per person
  • Mushroom salad – 50–100 ml per person
  • Cleaned fish, e.g. cured fish – 40–60 g per person
  • Lutefisk (main course) – 150–200 g per person
  • Boneless meat, e.g. turkey or ham – 75–125 g per person
  • Pâté (e.g. liver or venison) – 50–75 g per person
  • Dessert, e.g. plum compote or plum curd – 100–200 ml per person
  • One coffee cake gives approx. 30 slices
  • One Swiss roll gives approx. 20 slices
  • One layer cake (4 egg sponge) serves 10–15 persons