Amica mulled wine warms you on a chilly winter’s day 

Serving mulled wine 

• Reserve 200–300 cl mulled wine per person. Amica mulled wine is ready to drink. Just warm it up and add raisins and/or almonds. Warm the mulled wine in a microwave oven or a steel saucepan to 70 °C – do not let it boil.
• You may want to add some white or red wine to the hot drink or spice it up with vodka.
• Serve the mulled wine in heat-resistant glasses that you can hold without burning your fingers. If you do not have proper glasses for mulled wine, you can wrap a folded paper napkin around an ordinary heat-resistant glass or even knit a “ribbing” (knit 2, purl 2) to liven up the glass and protect your fingers.
• Various kinds of finger food are perfect accompaniments to mulled wine. Suitable choices are an assortment of cheese or cheese snacks, nuts, almonds and dried fruit, or profiteroles filled with cream cheese or whipped cream.
• How to bake star-shaped Christmas plum tartlets. Cut the ready-made puff pastry into four squares. Make short incisions from each corner towards the centre of the square. Fold every other point to the centre. With a spoon, drop some plum marmalade in the centre of the pastry. Bake at 225 °C until done.

Spicy and additive-free Amica mulled wine is sold only at Amica restaurants, where we prepare it on-site and according to our own recipe. Amica mulled wine is sold in 1 litre glass bottles and 1.5 litre plastic bottles. New this year: light mulled wine!