1.  MyFazerCafé customer loyalty programme

MyFazerCafé customer loyalty programme (hereinafter “MyFazerCafé”) is a free customer loyalty programme for Fazer Café outlets. The customer loyalty programme includes a mobile card that is downloaded to a smartphone. The mobile card is valid until further notice. Customer loyalty benefits offered through the mobile card are available at all Fazer Café outlets. 

The mobile card contains information about the customer loyalty programme and related benefits, as well as links to current online content and contact details of the cafés. Fazer holds rights to mobile card content and image material. The online service and any messages related to the customer loyalty programme are only available in Finnish. The content of the mobile card is also available in Swedish.

2. Joining the programme

Any private person of at least 18 years of age can download the MyFazerCafé mobile card. The MyFazerCafé mobile card is personal.

You can join the customer loyalty programme by downloading the mobile card on your smartphone from www.fazer.fi/myfazercafe. When joining the programme, members are obligated to provide their correct personal data and to ensure that the personal data they have provided is up to date. Contact details can be managed in mobile card settings. In addition to the telephone number, the name of a member acts as a mobile card identifier. If the name of a member changes, the member must download a new mobile card if required. Please notify Fazer directly of any changes, so that we can keep our data up to date.

To join, you need a smartphone with an Internet connection. Fazer is not liable for any data transfer or other fees charged by mobile operators.

An external service provider produces the software related to the MyFazerCafé mobile card. Use of the software may be subject to separate terms and conditions, which members of MyFazerCafé should read.

3. Personal data

Personal data of MyFazerCafé members are handled in accordance with the attached privacy policy of the user register of Fazer services (see privacy policy). When you download the mobile card, you will be asked to give your consent to receiving direct marketing material from companies of the Fazer Group.

4. Benefits

MyFazerCafé members receive various benefits, such as changing special offers. Members also have access to one-time or fixed-term benefits.

Benefits offered to loyal customers are available by using the mobile card. Information about benefits can also be sent by email if you have given your consent to it. Using the benefits requires that you use the mobile card. The benefits are personal and they can be used at all Fazer Café outlets by showing the mobile card.

5. Messages

Messages related to MyFazerCafé are sent by the mobile card and email. You can unsubscribe to marketing messages sent by email at any time by contacting Fazer. Please note that, regardless of any marketing ban, we may still send you customer messages. You can accept the receipt of push messages related to the mobile card directly in mobile card settings.

6. Terminating the MyFazerCafé membership

Fazer has the right to cancel memberships unanimously and with immediate effect if a member is in significant breach of the terms and conditions of MyFazerCafé. The notice of termination will be sent to the email address indicated by the member. After the termination, the member no longer has the right to use MyFazerCafé benefits or the mobile card.

Members can terminate their membership at any time by sending a notice to www.fazer.fi/myfazercafeirtisanominen.

7. Changes to the customer loyalty programme

Fazer reserves the right to cancel or interrupt MyFazerCafé at any time within a reasonable time after issuing a cancellation notice. Fazer reserves the right to unanimously change the terms and conditions of MyFazerCafé; however, without significantly deteriorating the position of members. Members will be notified of any significant changes in terms and conditions by email.

8. Fazer’s liabilities

MyFazerCafé members release Fazer and other possible partners from any liability for losses caused or claimed to have been caused by taking part in the customer loyalty programme.

Fazer is not responsible for any information technology-related problems or obstacles independent of the organiser relating to participation in the customer loyalty programme or the receipt of benefits.

9. Organiser

The customer loyalty programme is provided by and the responsibility of Oy Karl Fazer Ab.

Address: Fazerintie 6, Vantaa, P.O. BOX 00941 HELSINKI

Contact person: Susanne Anttila, firstname.lastname@fazer.com