The gorgeous renaissance revival building was completed in 1899, epitomising the historical architecture at the turn of the century. The design of the beautiful stone building on Annankatu was carried out by the esteemed and renowned architects' office Grahn, Hedman, Wasastjerna. AnnaK's intriguing name derives from its location as the building on the corner of the streets Annankatu and Kalevankatu.

The building was originally intended as a residential building, but nowadays it also houses business premises and offices. Its façades represent the transition period between historicism and the national style, which became an architectural style that remained popular until the beginning of the 1900s. In the 1970s and 1980s, the style was considered impractical and many of the buildings from this era were demolished due to their high maintenance and repair costs. The building on Annankatu avoided condemnation and, to this day, proudly represents the profuse building style of its time.

The ground floor of the façade is marked by rustications, which set it apart from the upper floors with a smooth finish. The smooth wall finishes bring out the beautifully ornamented and unique window frames. When studying this from the street, one can notice that the original window grouping of the building's façade follows the apartments' room division. The midsection of the building's symmetrical façade is adorned with beautiful bay windows and round baroque details above them. The building's corner is controlled by its landmark feature – the tall and elaborate corner tower.

The main entrance on Annankatu and its view are made to impress. The entrance is adorned by Corinthian-style pilasters and the ceiling has impressive, wide gypsum ornaments with horizontal linings. The upper sections of the wall are painted, while the lower sections are panelled with marbling. The floor is covered with a concrete mosaic with a checker board pattern and the banisters have been forged.

The bright and high-standard meeting, training and party premises decorated in the spirit of Alvar Aalto are located in the stone building's roof level. An exquisitely restored, gated lift from 1931 carries visitors to the building's upper floors. The peaceful, high-quality premises provide an excellent venue for training events, meetings as well as corporate parties and warm-spirited family celebrations.