The choice of a successful place to hold a meeting is influenced by good location, smooth service, meeting and group work facilities equipped with modern technology and catering that tastes good and helps participants to remain energetic. All of these components needed for a successful event are balanced in the Pripoli restaurant, located in the science park of the technology centre.

Pripoli is a modern meeting place with enough space for several simultaneous events or meetings of a larger scale. The high-standard meeting rooms of various sizes and the big auditorium are suitable for everything from small meetings to seminars, concerts and receptions hosting hundreds of people. The multi-purpose event lobby is ideally suited for exhibitions.

All of the premises have excellent meeting equipment, including Wi-Fi, a video projector, screen, audio systems and wireless microphones, a laptop and flip charts. A person in charge of the technology will be on call in the building throughout the event and provide guidance when necessary. In addition to the equipment, the meeting spaces are furnished with comfortable sofas and stools that can be used during brainstorming sessions and for group work. Given that the spaces are located near to each other, working and changing places is effortless. The auditorium has a big stage and seats are furnished with fold-down desks for note taking.

A sufficient number of breaks during a day of meetings increases creativity and provides opportunities for informal conversation. A two-hour meeting session is enough to lower participants' level of concentration to a considerable degree. Varied catering that promotes well-being – developed by Fazer's chefs specifically for the purpose of meetings – works towards keeping participants energy levels steady throughout the day.