The Voitto restaurant is located in Lahti, in an internationally known, energetic sports centre open year round. Voitto's premises provide you with the unique opportunity to see the paintings of visual artist Pentti Ranta showcasing famous ski jumpers from Lahti.

The 32 portraits painted by Pentti Ranta portray the Punapaidat ski jumpers of the renowned sports club Lahden Hiihtoseura, all of whom have achieved international success. The name Punapaidat ("red shirts") originated from the once dark red jumpers and bobble hats. The attire was the official team clothing and an appreciated distinctive feature of an era before today's technical compression suits and helmets.

Punapaidat is an association that brings together ski jumpers from Lahti and is composed of some 200 Lahti-based ski jumpers. The association is still active and convenes at the Voitto restaurant on the first Tuesday of every month. The association's only female member is Finnish skiing legend Siiri "Äitee" Rantanen, who claims to have been ski jumping before it was even invented. According to Rantanen, she jumped an approximately 10 metre long jump from the old wooden hill at Vuokatti sometime in the 1950s.

The ski jumpers of a ski town are remembered

The Voitto restaurant gives visitors and customers a chance to gain deeper insights into the culture of ski jumping by booking a guide to walk them through the paintings. Jaakko Petäjä of Lahti Oppaat, an association of guides working in the Lahti region, has accumulated a wealth of information about the stories and backgrounds of the ski jumpers portrayed in the paintings. The tour's duration can be limited from 30 minutes to an hour on the basis of one's own schedule. The guided tour costs € 55 (0% VAT). It will not remain unclear to visitors that Lahti is a city of ski jumpers.

For further information, you can call the guide directly, tel. +358 40 548 4723, contact Lahti Region Oy, tel. +358 207 281 750, or send an email to

As of the summer of 2015, the Voitto restaurant has also exhibited the ski jumper themed drawings of the Norwegian John Schaden. The news was widely reported in the Norwegian sports media.

Lahti 2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships

The philosophy behind the Championships catering is domestic produce and local food.

Fazer Food Services is an Official VIP Catering Supplier of the Lahti 2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. The outcome of the cooperation was trendily relaxed, first-rate food for VIPs served in the Voitto restaurant and the VIP areas.

In the Pre-World Championships of 2016, VIP food will be served in Voitto, the Ski Museum's premises and the VIP tent. Given that Voitto provides direct views to the jumping hills, guests can enjoy great food and exciting sports at the same time.

The captain of Fazer Culinary Team Mika Pesonen planned a Ski Trail Food menu consisting of premium street style food for the Pre-World Championships. The hors d'oeuvre include cured rutabaga and Gruyère cheese. Burgers can be filled with slow-cooked pork or a broccoli and almond patty.

Taste buds during the Pre-World Championships will also be treated to a menu inspired by products from local producers: blini are paired with the smoked fish from the smokehouse of Salpausselän Kala, for example.

The VIP buffet, for its part, will be serving a cauliflower panna cotta and salmon roe, braised beef and horseradish sauce, accompanied by a goat's cheese and kale spelt risotto.

The Lahti 2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships and the Pre-World Championships will serve as an international stage for showcasing Finnish cuisine. Fazer Food Services is a first-rate expert of large-scale events. Strong culinary skills and top chefs lead to innovative, trendy solutions and great food.