Over the years, the old industrial hall located in the basin of Porvoo River has been home to horseshoe makers, plywood manufacturers and metal casters. Nowadays, the refurbished building of cultural historical significance functions as a versatile cultural and congress centre. The area – roughly the size of a city block – houses numerous exhibition and art spaces, as well as artists' studios, cafés and restaurants.

The industrial building's history goes as far back as the 1920s, when the Porvoo-based framing company Alba Oy Ab began to build new facilities in Näsi, by the western bank of Porvoo River. The Finnish industrial sector went through a strong period of growth in the first decades of the century, and this was also evident in the ambitious factory investments in Porvoo.


In the 1960s, the factory was owned by Fiskars, the machine shop of which assembled tractors and excavators. Over the years, the factory area has also had its fair share of misfortune. The building has been damaged by fires and wartime bombings, visible even today as various increments and extensions.

At the beginning of the millennium, the area was the subject of an architectural competition. The resulting construction work began in 2009 and the renovated premises of the Art Factory were completed in 2012. All that is left of the original building are the boiler room and the workshop premises. In its heyday, the premises provided studios to 40 artists and various workshops, such as a paperwork and a graphics workshop. These days, the boiler room functions as a workplace for artists and the workshop is used as a workspace for varying purposes. Art Factory also houses an art gallery as well as exhibition and concert halls. The ownership is presently divided among three foundations: the Finnish Cultural Foundation, Alfred Kordelin Foundation and the foundation of Emil Aaltonen (Emil Aaltosen säätiö).


The red-brick walls of Art Factory make for a great atmosphere in our refurbished and beautiful restaurant and event facilities. When necessary, the separate spaces can be combined into a single one by opening up the wide double doors that lead to hallway between the halls. In summertime, customers and guests can enjoy our terrace outdoors.

From the windows of our modifiable conference facilities there is a  lovely view of the Porvoo River, and customers can visit the free art exhibitions that are open daily during breaks from meetings. Modern conference technology makes our premises versatile. We can prepare refreshing catering for your meetings and the breaks in between as well as festive dinners according to your wishes.