Innovatiivinen, uskalias, yllätyksellinen!

Pure Dark -suklaalevysarjan tuotekehitystä on johtanut Fazerin leikkisä Manifesto, jonka keskiössä on innovointi ja mielikuvituksellisuus:

A wise man once said;
There’s no limit to the Magic of Taste.
So here’s to that,
It keeps us imagining at night and inventing by day.
At Fazer, we spend our days filling eggshells with silky praline
Working out how to blend dark chocolate
with cracked liquorice and popcorn and wild forest berries.
And wondering why we haven’t yet invented
a machine that turns thoughts into nougat whirls.
Because invention’s the stuff of life.
It keeps the taste buds tingling.
And really, if you own a chocolate factory,
it’s your duty and honour to live the dream.
For over 120 years, we’ve woken to the call…
To grind and blend,
To pour and pipe,
To stamp and primp and pack and parcel,
And dispatch our chocolate-tinged vision.
This world could do with a little more imagination,
So let’s surprise each and every person out there.
Delight them
With every single bar of Fazer they unwrap.
Let our rooster throw back his wings,
Puff out his chest,
And crow it from the pitched roofs of our factory…
We are Fazer, and we want to
Make the world taste good